Non destructive testing and quality assurance


  Welding technique expertise

Non destructive testing and quality assurance
  • Quality assurance;
  • Third party inspection, inspection and testing
    dispute resolution;
  • Level III inspection services,
    writing and revision of procedures and specifications, personnel certification;
  • Visual inspection of welded assemblies
    based on fabrication codes, specifications
    and shop drawings;
  • Periodic inspection load test and certification
    of lifting equipements;
  • In service inspection;

  • Wire rope electromagnetic inspection for mining industries and ski station;
  • Storage tank inspection as per API 653;
  • Radiographic inspection with gamma and X-Ray;
  • Ultrasonic inspection;
  • Surface inspection with magnetic particles and liquid penetrant;
  • Material hardness testing;
  • Ferrite content testing in stainless steels and duplex;
  • Leak testing for radioctive sources;
  • Remote visual inspection with video camera and boroscope;
  • High strength bolting material inspection and testing with Skidmore Wilhelm
    tensiometer, torque wrench and ultrasonic technique.


  • Fracture analysis;
  • Mechanical testing;
  • Chemical analysis;
  • Selection of material for substitution

Welding technique expertise
  • Procedures qualification;
  • Welders qualification as
    per CSA, AWS and ASME code