—Contractual requirements
—Loss of production


  • In most cases, even with short notice, we can be on the job site withing 24 hrs.
  • In order to offer the highest quality customer service, we maintain a twelve vehicles fleet.

Contractual requirements

  • Our knowledge and expertise in various fabrication codes, including testing, inspection and examination would be an added asset in specification development for future projects, understanding complex requirements during bidding stages, or to help create an inspection plan prior to fabrication.
  • Being overwhelmed with today's demands requires specialized equipement and personnel...
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  • Regular preventive maintenance of your lifting equipement ensures a high quality work environment. A meticulous maintenance program reduces the risk of accident, improves reliability, reduces employee stress, and consequently improves productivity and efficiency.

Loss of production

  • In today's competitive market, machine breakdown time could be catastrophic in terms of loss of production resulting in loss of revenues, competitiveness and customer trust and satisfaction. A preventative inspection, integrated into your regular maintenance program, can be a sure-fire way to eliminate unforeseen breakdowns and loss of production. Consequently this will ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and repeat business. We can certainly help you to implement a detailed inspection program to fit all your needs.


  • Environmental issues have evolved drastically during the last decade. Collectively, we are more aware and hope to leave future generations a heritage they can be proud of. Labcan, along with your complicity, can help you to elaborate an inspection plan to fit your needs. This program can include such items as storage tanks, pipelines, taps/valves, water tankers (by either road or rail), in order to minimise the possibility of leaks of hazardous materials into our environment.