Labcan was founded in Cap-de-la-Madeleine by
François Rodier on June 1st 1988. Mr. Rodier
has been associated with the testing of
metallurgical products since 1971 and has
been managing a laboratory since 1979.

Labcan acquired Labo MR in February 1994 aiming for a broader range of services. Labo MR's specialty, the wire rope inspection with an electromagnetic equipement allowed us to access new markets.

In a quest for continuity and growth, Mr. Mario Cloutier joins Labcan as a shareholder in 1995. He is a metallurgical engineer and has been working for Labcan since 1990.

In August 1998, to pursue it's development, Labcan has purchased Inspeclab from Sorel. A great way to celebrate our tenth anniversary since it's foundation. We have in November 1998, opened our third office, in Sorel-Tracy, to secure our new customers.

Labcan is well positioned for the future. Our footprints are envied by our competitors. Our personnel, our proficiency and our ability to answer promptly to a customer's request are assets to maintain our reputation in the future.

On June 1st 2004, Labcan took another important step in company's growth. Two of our most valuable collaborators, Denis Magny and Pierre Leclerc became shareholders. That was an important decision to assure our long term market position for our customers.

On June 1st 2009, Vincent Rodier became part of the owner ship, he has beem our Val-d'Or's regional manager since 1996.


Our approach has been proven and the fidelity of our customers is the reward, which gives us the desire and
the energy to continually improve our services and exceed customer's expectations. Give us the chance to solve your next inspection dilemma.

We are certified by the canadian welding bureau as an independant inspection firm in accordance with
CSA W178.1 code.